Psychotherapy and

Psychotherapy, psychodiagnostics (incl. tests and questionnaires), psychoeducation (know-how and practical advice)

Recommended in case of psychological stress or disorder psychological (depression, anxiety , ADHD...)

For children, teenagers and adults

systemic and cognitive-behavioural (focus on the different systems of life - family, work, training -, one's own behaviour and way of thinking)


Joint reflection, identification of personal strategies, with the aim of living a fulfilled life, according to one's desires and objectives

Life Coaching on topics such as work-life balance, life objectives, management of one's own wellbeing

Coaching ‘The Better Manager’ (individual coaching of 10 sessions, for managers)

Online Coaching (by video call)

Family counseling

Counseling for parents on various educational issues (positive parental style, overcoming of stress within the family)


Positive management: how to promote well-being and performance in the workplace

Positive parenting: how to encourage positive growth of children

Psycho-educational posters

Psycho-educational posters on psychological well-being –

Digital health

Upendo: the app that promotes work-life balance and the achievement of a fulfilled life